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[ Remains of a time ]

[ Remains of a time ]

  A scene to remember man’s dominance over nature, it looks like an epic battle took place on a beach at some point, and the remnants of the battle were carried by the sea to shore. It is something to reflect on the timing of things and how much the planet can sustain our lifestyle. The statement that a certain technology “will exist forever” and cannot be destroyed implies an ethical stance that gives an intrinsic value to technological development. It is a deterministic attitude to claim that something will be done regardless of our ethical considerations. It is also a kind of unjustified optimism, which assumes that no as yet unknown problems will prevent this development, as in fact has occurred at various times in human history, when a distorted image of the future has been constructed that in fact does not become reality.

Twitter/Instagram: @glauberbnunes

Used programs: Daz3D, Zbrush, 3DSMax and Krita
Image size : 5400×7200

  • Available editions: 10/10


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