9372382372 digital stencil experiment with insects insectsladybirdbeetlesantsspidersdigital stencilpaintdesigntextilechristos hatjoullisart rageart raqe 1

Refuse to be typecast – NFT multi-style

In the Art world there is a general consensus. Unless you can develop a recognisable style, you and your work are consigned and doomed to the great waste paper basket in the sky. This is contrary to everything I was taught by some amazing art teachers along the way and I’m not saying it isn’t a valid and valuable outlook.. it’s by no means the only way to conduct your artistic inquiry.

0007 deep green frog99 Frogs Collectible Art series using various designs derived from the Outerground Logo – launched on opensea’s polygon option  

I’ve always been an experimentalist and a digital first practitioner. Over 500+ successful projects as a Creative Director across film, music, broadcast and live events have taught me two things. You’re only as good as your last project and it’s not much fun endlessly repeating yourself. Too much of the same output makes Johnny and Jane very dull boys and girls.

9372382372 digital stencil experiment with insects insectsladybirdbeetlesantsspidersdigital stencilpaintdesigntextilechristos hatjoullisart rageart raqe

Creeping Crawlers Collection on opensea

Not to say that building your (ART) brand doesn’t have important elements of consistency, I think that’s more about vision, integrity, themes… values are key to communicating with an audience. I’m interested in lots of things that feel separate in the way I explore them. Yes street photography and quantum physics have a real world connection but I want to explore both on distinct terms.

With so many NFT platforms out there, it’s reasonable to use each one as a staging post for your different strands of creativity. I strongly suggest that if you have more than one string to your bow, culture it.. continue to expand your repertoire. Here’s a header image from my kalamint.io aacount. As you can see it’s all figurative work. It’s mostly people and there are some collage works based on my interest in the Space Race and there are also historical images; photographs and paintings which are re-animated using Artifcial intelligence software. It satisfies a natural interest in history, the history of art and science, technologocial progress and also representation and how these ideas change over time. This section contains images stretching back over 600 years and includes reference to some of history’s best artists. It’s an interest I want to explore. It has a value to me. If someone else shares the interest or can appreciate it, then that’s a bonus, not the reason to do it.

1000px header correct ratio v4small
I also really like abstract and generative art, hand drawn animation, live video projections.. sometimes using mapping to augment real space and other times using microscopes to see what is usually hidden from view.
These observations are a reminder of the scales of our world, worlds exist within worlds which we are barely aware of  most of the time. It’s about exploring inner space *of our limitless imaginations)… The Outerground

fractalism infinite recombination 4 screenshot Fractalism Infintite Recombination 3 from my hicetnunc.xyz account

Even if you have an amazing style which is all your own.. there are a thousand other paths which you can take yourself, evolve that style and keep asking questions, feed your curiosity.

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