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Red Elephant Effect and Risk.

The Red Elephant effect is that you must be willing to take risks. The risk of being misunderstood, the risk of being rejected, the risk of losing everything you have.

Yesterday everything was fine, but today the most dear person has left your life.You are left without money and home.

I do not advise anyone to do as I do. Because I haven’t eaten any normal food in a couple of days.

But at the same time, it is passion.

Leave something behind. Go down in history, create a legacy, be remembered by others.

From the author:

Sometimes the things we look at are not at all what they really are. This is magic, optical illusion, or simply too wild imagination. The best thing is to just let go and just enjoy.This is Schrödinger’s cat in the world of crypto art.

It’s simple – like the Red Elephant.

Yes! One more thing. The Ways we choose do not always lead to success or happiness. But if you already choose, then choose the Ways of the winner. CryptoWays…

Saturday the 15th / August / 2021

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