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Red Elephant 101 days gone War

Red Elephant – 101 days gone War – Untitled Collection #247081874 | OpenSea

Knock… Knock… – Untitled Collection #247081874 | OpenSea


                                                                            Need help and support!!!

            Hello everyone, the entire crypto community, makers, collectors, artists, the entire NFT community and just friends, acquaintances, subscribers.

            I am known as @AlphaQuestion or N.A.Z. I am a freelance artist, NFT maker, Digital Artist, illustrator, Painter, Creator NFT projects, from Ukraine, a beautiful city – Kharkiv. And now I need help from all of you.
     At the moment I am homeless, my house was completely destroyed, I now have two cracks in my ribs and the livelihood accumulated up to this point has dried up. Now I don’t know for how long I moved to another city – Kyiv. Yesterday the last 11.95 UAH were spent. for food (1kg of potatoes and 2 hot mugs of soup), and in 2-3 days, I will have to move out of the apartment where I now live. Thankfully the weather has gotten better.

     I never asked anything from other people, trying to cope with everything myself. And even now I am writing this text and I feel awkward. Therefore, I considered that I would not receive anything for free, or rather free of charge.
     Now on the OpenSea and Foundation platforms, several of my works are exhibited, they are all made in one copy, and if someone wants to purchase them, it will Save – my Life and save me from starvation poverty. For some, the prices will seem very high, but I want to say in advance, even with the sale of one of the works, I will be able to live not in hunger and not on the street, for a whole month.

 In recent months, I have tried to help everyone I met along the way. Because I live by the principle –

“Help someone else if you have something to help! And it doesn’t matter if it’s a close person or just a stranger for 5 minutes in your life”

I volunteered a little, without joining any organizations.

But I could not imagine that I myself would find myself in such a situation … When I need help.

          I strongly advise you to take a closer look at two works – Red Elephant and Red Elephant 101 days gone War, one is exhibited on OpenSea, and the other on Foundation.

            The first one, Red Elephant, was created on August 15, 2021, acrylic on canvas, 90×90 and is inspired by such emotions as the transience of time and the illusory nature of everything that surrounds us.

            And the second Red Elephant 101 days gone War – Created today! Digital version. In the same sizes. And she directly points to what she is. If someone read the fable of I. A. Krylov “Curious”, they will understand what I mean. It is about the world in which I now live and is no less symbolic than “Russian warship, fuck you!”.

Who from Ukraine, and maybe not only will understand me.

        And immediately I write the main thing – NO POLICY, to argue, to look for the guilty, I DO NOT WANT and I WILL NOT. This has already happened and we need to move on. THE WORLD will be saved: Art, Sound minds, Good music and Beautiful, Smart women …

     There is also another work, but it is of a different genre and from a different collection and project. I won’t talk about her now. Well, in the future, I hope to restore my projects such as PAINTED Masks, Fingers Family and NEYRO.

I will now be very grateful to everyone who will respond. If you do not like my work, then you can simply subscribe to me in the social. networks.

Twitter @AlphaQuestion ; Telegram AlphaQuestion ; Instagram Nikolay.a.Zinchenko and become my new friend and just chat and get to know me better.

If someone just wants to help me financially, because now even 0.5 – 1 $ is at least for me, one day of life without hunger.

You can send to these bank cards:

5375414110891818 UAH      4444245001183661 $        5375419907672628 €                         5355280011781448 £

4314140201400634 UAH      5355280011781299 $        5355280011781315 €                         5355280011781505 PLN/Zł

5305651270328777 UAH      5375418810399261 $        4444245001549598 €

All cards are mine: Zinchenko Nikolai Andreevich

Well, the last request, if you have nothing to help me with, at least retweet this post, it’s not hard for you, but there is a person who can help me.

Sorry for the long text and Thank you for taking the time to read this text. All goodness, happiness, peace and love.

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