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Rebel Justice

A community fighting for freedom from oppression through artistic expression

The View Magazine was started by three formerly incarcerated women, to campaign for less use of custodial sentences, for better and improved, properly funded mental health services and for an end to the rapidly encroaching Prison Industrial Complex which is making its way into all our lives with increased surveillance and monitoring and seemingly benign “pink punishment” justice solutions such as court imposed orders that restrict liberty, speech, assembly  and movement, ASBOS,  and women’s centers.


Our protest is bigger than one woman. Together,  we rise. 


The funds raised from the sale of these NFTs will be used to build an app to measure desistance and aid reintegration, we will make 150 short TRUTH Films to to document the lives of women killed by the British State while in custody, detention or in secure units and we will create our own digital human rights and news platform for The View Magazine.  


We have started a  $Justice4WomenDAO which will help to promote and raise awareness and funds for The View. It will own the IP for the series of TRUTH Films we are making on the needless deaths of women in custody. These women whose lives have been cut down will then exist  as part of the Blockchain in eternity, to commemorate their lives.  


Watch the TRUTH Film about the death in custody of Annabella Landsberg here 

The funds from our Rebel Justice NFT sales will be held by a lawyer in his digital wallet on agreed spending goals that are being developed in documents that you can view here.  These will also be  available on Juicebox. The $Justice4Women community will be organised and governed by The View's existing policies and governance which you can see here


Individual digital portraits and watercolour paintings  of these women will be uploaded as NFTs will also be sold to raise funds for The View with 10% of the royalties going back to the family, forever.  If the family can't be traced or do not wish to be involved, these will be surplus funds to be held by $Justice4WomenDAO to fund strategic litigation to increase the profile of the DAO and promote the rights of women in the justice system. There will be 3 multi-signers on this reserve. They will have the ultimate power to decide where and how money is spent if there is no consensus within  $Justice4WomenDAO.


Support our rebellion against those whose financial and political interests are to ensure that we remain ‘unfree.’


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