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Q: Why should you invest in 'A Spacefaring Species'?

A: Because it is documenting what will, eventually, be known as the golden age of space exploration.

Fine Art + Historic Relevance + Provenance + Utility = Value

Crypto, and the markets in general, are getting thrashed by this China mess. Risky assets are going to be slaughtered if this continues into the broader markets. Fine art, like gold, is typically considered to be a store of wealth. Now is a chance to move money away from the meme du jour and put it someplace that has endurable value.

You can view the full collection here

  • 20 of 25 Sold
  • Only 2 up for resale
  • 0.2Ξ Floor
  • 16 Owners

There are currently 5 unsold images left in this collection at just 0.2Ξ each:

In addition, two NFTs in the collection are up for resale and both are incredible values. The first is, hands down, my favorite image in the collection (and the cover photo for the collection) while the second is pure history. These are both available for 1.0Ξ each.

As an added bonus… I’m going to AirDrop this Rarible NFT to the first person who buys any of these 7 NFTs.

Midnight Sun (1/1)

The owners of the NFTs in this collection receive future airdrops and will have the opportunity to share in 50% of the earnings from the collection. You can check out the roadmap here.

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