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Poly Chimps Community

The purpose of the Poly Chimps were to create a bridge between the current craze of collecting NFTs and the creation of the metaverse space. A lot of people currently don’t know or use any of the current metaverse applications and don’t know how powerful they can be when thrown into the right hands. Programmable buildings, items, and even events can all be made on the metaverses, Decentraland being one of the bigger metaverses that is growing bigger and bigger everyday.

I wanted to incentivize supporters buying a Poly Chimp by airdropping some free wearables for Decentraland. At the same time, this would help to introduce people to the metaverse and to see how cool and customizable it could actually be. 

You can find these chimps on the Opensea link below, thank you for the support!

PolyChimp 0001

Poly Chimps on Opensea

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