Pocket Pals

Kidthereum Elite Club from a 11-year-old girl and her 3-year-old sister- 3 amazing NFT collections.

Follow Kidthereum to stay up-to-date: https://linktr.ee/kidthereum.

Cute is the new COOL3

Designing is an optimal digital experience, intuitive and cute. No artist in the world can surpass the imagination of children but what if the artist ‘actually’ is a child? Now we’re talking about pure magic and artwork at its finest!

Become a Kidthereum Elite Club member, know-how to level up your membership and become an Imperial Member of the club.

Visit us at https://www.kidthereum.net

Visit our Pocket Pals website at www.pocketpals.club

Enjoy premium benefits including staking rewards, merchandise and we have planned for a DAO token used in-game as well, with a fixed supply, plus on-going value:

  • 50% of the Net profits from merchandise
  • 80% of the royalty
  • 50% from the planned game revenue
  • 30% from the initial minting sale
  • 5% buy/sell tax on the token

Our Collections:

  • Pocket Pals – Minting Aug 31, 2022

This is our genesis collection that grants Kidthereum Elite Club membership access

  • 9630 NFTs
  • 40 Different Pals within the collection
  • 10+ Variations each
  • Special editions, Super rare editions, accessories & more
  • Fabled Friends – Minting Dec 2022

Our next launch- 6390 NFTs, letting Elite Club members to pre-mint, with 10 different Fabled Friends characters to own

  • Our Signature Collection – Mar 2023

This is our flagship artwork, with 3960 NFTs, due to the competitive market we want to keep it a surprise, this time we are taking some professional expertise.

  • Experts and kth.one are coming… Elite club members get to travel along.

Kidthereum NFTs are a digital art series – genetically unique with their own digital fingerprint and DNA, each collection with its own smart-contract!

Ready to open a new realm of holder opportunities? NFTs are our first step. The possibilities are endless, and creativity has no limits. Who knows what the future exactly holds? Stay tuned as we are planning to take you on a trip that the NFT world has never seen before.

Special membership benefits & perks on its way, watchout for surprises. As a Kidthereum Elite Club Member, you are very important to me and the future may unfold lucrative benefits for being an Elite Club member, while the amazing NFT market, potentially appreciates the value of your NFT

Visit us at https://www.kidthereum.net

Follow us, apply for whitelisting and updates about the collection: https://linktr.ee/kidthereum.

This cute Kidthereum ecosystem with its member benefits & perks, is set out to emerge as a strong community, benefiting its Elite club members and the team is poised to come up with Kidthereum 2.0. which is said to be www.kth.one, the journey begins!

Are you a collector or a flipper looking for a massive potential? With the tagline, “Rediscover the inner you & Become the cutest yourself!”,  www.PocketPals.club could be your answer!

Don’t wait become a part of the strongest community of 9630 Kidthereum Elite Club members

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