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Welcome to PixelSlots!

We have partnered together with Tree-Nation to make sure, that our NFTs don’t leave any CO2 footprint. As you might know, NFTs generate a lot of CO2 during their lifetime. A simple listing and creating of an NFT produces around 80kg of CO2. Thanks to our partners at Tree-Nation, we will make sure, that not only do we compensate our total emission, but exceed it. For every single NFT sold, we will plant atleast 10 trees. We are aiming for a higher target, but this number depends on the bids we receive and the current gas-fees. Our goal is to plant atleast 30’000 Trees across the world. Each buyer will receive an E-Mail confirmation from Tree-Nation, where you will be able to see the impact we have together. You will also be able to enter giveaways and track our progress on Twitter/Instagram, so make sure you leave a follow.

Help spreading the word and join us on our mission!


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