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PAINted Mask's – Song Little Devil

Everyone who is interested and just wants to support. Welcome.

Probably everyone in this world needs hope, faith, striving and full awareness that you are not a piece of shit that is no longer capable of anything. And you have an incentive, you have your own truth, your world. And even if you are a Little Devil, just sing. Sing to me today.


You Little Devil

You accidentally ate your soul

Nobody needs you, you are evil

You are 666 and you are an old owl

Friday the 13th / August / 2021

From the Author

If life seems gray. Just grab a paintbrush or a balloon and start painting. Color everything around: people, things, the sea and the Universe. And keep painting, even when you feel bad, when you are in love, when you are in pain. And you yourself will not notice that you have become happy.

Just don’t stop
but paint your life.

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