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Not One Tear

We were 2 years in to the project. We represented two very high profile partners, one a well-known worldwide figure, businessman and philanthropist. Well, “philanthropist.” We were engaged to finance a massive mixed-use development approaching a $1b budget. We were 2 years in to the project. 

We met on site in an old building which was part of the original ranch years and years prior. Business as usual. Except Johnny, our client, was dressed up a little more than usual. We concluded the meeting and I got in my truck to head back to the office. And then a phone call. 

“Derty, you here about Johnny?”

“What do you mean…I just left his office.” I said

“He’s been arrested for rape. He turned himself in 15 minutes ago.” 

“What do you mean…..I just left his office.” I said.

I’ve spent cumulatively 200+ hours with this guy. 3 hours just that morning. He doesn’t mention a word about it during the meeting. He 

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