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Not One F***ing Tear (Draft)

Here’s the thing – I raise capital. I structure deals and raise capital. Largely by selling debt. Bonds. And largely from credit-worthy entity’s backed by credit-worthy individuals with reps to coddle. But every now and then some narcissistic, rich, asshole boomer will do some stupid shit. Beyond stupid – shameful, alarming and criminal shit. Thug shit. And look, when I say “rich” I don’t mean you and I rich, I mean “B” rich. 

I used to think it was kinda strange having lunch with billionaires. Not anymore. They are all just men who commit reprehensible acts of selfishness just like you and I. Well, worse than you and I. A lot worse than most of us can even fathom. 

His name was Johnny. We called him Johnny Rotten because his name was Johnny and he was fucking rotten. Nothing against the Sex Pistols. “

“Did you hear about Johnny Rotten?” my coworker said on a frantic call.

“Huh, what, what do you mean, I just left his office a 1/2 hour ago,” I replied. 

“He’s in jail. Turned himself in just now for allegedly doing some crazy shit to this chick. Bro, you gotta read this report. Its nuts. Sick fucker,” my colleague Adam said.

Women in the office were literally crying. They couldnt even get through the entire report. This woman accused him of some 60-minutes style ruthless things of which there is no rehabilitation – for either of them. I mean, look,  Im no psychologist but if you get off to watching someone struggle to breath under a plastic bag – there aint no rehabilitating you. You belong somewhere away from genpop. 

That woman. I literally hurt for that woman. The fear, the physical pain, the horrific memories she must have. That woman. 

Well, look, so the deal blows up. Clearly a fight among the partners citing “bad boy clauses” and others suggesting they want to be bought out. lol. Bought out after this. THIS. And you know what….it doesnt end there…..his white-collar isnt even dirty yet. 

So the accusations take time to play out in the courts. And with the best counsel in town the are effective at extending the trial until about 24 months down the road. During this time one very high profile partner wants the accused gone. And gone quick. 

Here’s the tricky part. Im an asshole when I complain about losing a material amount of money because this guy is a sick son-of-a-bitch. 

“What about the victim,” “dont you think about her…” 

Yes I do. Quite often. I also think about my children’s future and how this piece of shit took part of their future away. Just because Im angry about what I’ve lost, which is clearly far less than Jane Doe, doesn’t mean I cant still be sympathetic towards her. And I am. But I want my fucking money too. They arent mutually exclusive. If you take issue with that – I dont care. No sleep lost. 

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