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🐵 NFTs Gone Wild

I’m thrilled to share my third drop ‘NFTs Gone Wild’ as part of my Open Sea ‘NFT Entertainment’ collection which features ‘digital art news’ from the NFT industry.

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With my latest piece ‘NFTs Gone Wild’, get ready to ape into a piece of NFT history. This totally WILD digital painting celebrates the Bored Ape Yacht Club revolution and community. 

Monkey see, monkey do, monkey…NFT!

AE5AA0F6 19D1 4DD0 B1EC 47E31EFB308CGo bananas with a high resolution digital version as well as a printed version that will be personally mailed to you upon purchase. (High resolution specifications: 3580px by 2480px, 300 dpi)

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Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for latest NFT drop updates.

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