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☠️ NFTs Are Not Dead

‘NFTs Are Not Dead’ is the second drop in my brand-new Open Sea collection ‘NFT Entertainment’ which features ‘digital art news’ about the NFT industry.

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‘NFTs Are Not Dead’ celebrates Larva Lab’s recent success with its insane Crypto Punk and Meebits sales. And thanks to this awesome digitally hand drawn painting, you too get to own a piece of NFT history! 

Just when everyone thought NFTs were dead, Larva Lab’s sales for its Crypto Punks and Meebits collectibles shot to the moon. Turns out punks are not dead…and NFTs aren’t either. Own a piece of rad NFT history with this digital painting that celebrates Larva Lab’s 2021 insane success.

‘NFTs Are Not Dead’ is now for sale on Open Sea and a high resolution version will be provided upon purchase. 

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Don’t forget to follow me on twitter for updates on my next drop as part of this collection.

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