Scam Caught Live on Twitter

NFT Scam on Twitter Revealed.

We are The DarkMonk Studios and we got scammed by @NftAddict_31 on twitter for 0.145 $ETH and then caught him on record red handed trying to do the same thing again for 0.5 $ETH. He has been doing it since a long time and has accomplices too. He claims to be the owner of punk #7107 and Meka#2475.

Play the video at 1.25x or 1.5x


He says that he is followed by @garyvee and @PostMalone. This generates a sense of authenticity as these are well respected people in the NFT world and them following him means something. In our case, He was also followed by @bigger, @JDaIey and a few more verified profiles. @bigger and @JDaIey follow us too along with other verified profiles.

(We are not saying they are a part of his scam, We intend to say that He is using their name to get away with scams. These are well respected people by the community and us.)

We go ahead to show the chats we had and the accounts he uses and the projects he claims he has served in path (they are verified projects on opensea.) and how he blocks us after the payment.

The Real Deal:

We use our friend’s ID @100BillionGOD on twitter (Which now we own) and send him a follow request to which he follows us back and initiates the conversation again. We make him think that we are a non native English speaker and excited about his offering and that we have a budget of 1 $ETH. He moves ahead with the same promises, words and strategies and asks us for 0.5 ETH (Remember he asked us for 0.145 ETH). He claims that he will put in the same money into buying our NFTs on minting day. That shows he didn’t read about us as @100BillionGOD doesn’t sell NFTs he just airdrops them to anyone and everyone free of cost. HE EVEN CLAIMED HE TALKS TO GARY VEE AND HE COULD CONNECT US WITH HIM. He took our bait and when we finally confronted him, He blocked us again.

Epilogue :

This could have been you getting scammed. This is a lot of us who got scammed and these people think  they can get away with anything. Well no this time, we have him and let’s show him what it means to mess with one of the strongest communities in the world right now. SO that every scammer is afraid to bones before trying scam.

These are the addresses he uses :



And we believe he impersonates that he is : (Who is the original owner of punks and meka)

Help spread this video so that we can get his account suspended on twitter and opensea.

Here are the Details :

Here is teh Video Proof :

Have a look and understand how they approach and operate.

I request @everyone to spread this as much as they can…not so that we can get a refund. But because this should be a start to put a full stop to all the bullshit going on in this lovely community.

Because only together WAGMI

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