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NFT Music?

I still keep thinking about music as something much larger than we can imagine. In my presencial work, some people use to ask me if what I am doing is music, and I also ask them if they feel like making music. Even after John Cage, the common listening still think that music is rhythm, harmony and melody, there is still the expectation of a regular beat, a bass line, and voices organized in a way you can understand in the first listen.

I like to play with that, I love experimental music, noise, extended techniques and improvisation. In my tiny pieces (these I am making to experience the NFT art), I invite people to listen more, to go deeper in the listening, to challenge your listening and find what is behind the first layer (if there is really one main layer).

And, for me, this format is quite new, so I keep asking myself if what I do in NFT can be considered NFT Music. I also use some images, video performances, editions of myself performing with the camera, to support these audios – they born together, they have a straight relation – one influences the other – the ideas come in these marriage – how image can support some audios and how music can support the images

ritamaria: postal impro-sonora #01 [fachada e lua]

fachada e lua é uma foto que tirei em abril de 2019, logo que cheguei na Cidade do México serviu de inspiração para uma improvisação vocal, a duas vozes, eu c…

in the video above, I play with a picture I took in CDMX, in April,2019, improvising and overdubbing. I have some works like that, that takes more than 1 minute, maybe someday I will be able to launch them as NFTs. For now, I will keep inquiring me about the smallest music I can make, working in this language that really moves me in an inspiring way.


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