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New NFT- Vacey


Age- 30

Occupation- Level designer

Hobbies and Interests- Guitar playing and hiking

Motivations-  Adventure and connecting with the world around her

Vacey is an adventurous spirit who loves exploring the world around her and socialising with others, whether that be with her longtime friends or new acquaintances.

Vacey has been a hobbyist guitarist ever since she was gifted a guitar for her 10th birthday. Over time, music has greatly influenced her self-expression and imagination to the extent of fuelling an interest in exploring the world around her.

Vacey frequently hikes with an eagerness to explore treacherous pathways. Using her rock climbing glove attachments, Vacey has become adept at navigating mountains and cutting her way through blocked paths.

Like most post-AI humans in their 20s, Vacey looked into job options and had a goal of finding meaningful work that felt different to her hobbies. When Vacey came across the RPG game ‘The Fazer Particle’ whilst looking for inspiration, she spent time learning about the world of video games and game development. After years of practice, Vacey was offered a level designer role for an open-world game.

A few months after her game was completed, Vacey desired an adventurous break abroad. Her research would end up taking her to Serone, with a plan to visit it’s mysterious tourist attractions.

Thanks for checking out the story for the new NFT release! You can view or own the full digitally painted NFT by checking out my collection: HTTPS://OPENSEA.IO/COLLECTION/THE-REFALIGHT-JOURNEY

If you liked the story, feel free to follow the journey on my INSTAGRAM, REDDIT, DISCORD SERVER or Medium account (

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