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Age- 35

Occupation- Geologist

Hobbies and Interests- Research and films

Motivations- Information acquisition and learning about the significance of life

Solin is a philosophical researcher who constantly reflects on his learnings. In particular, he is intrigued at the implications his observations may have on day-to-day life.

Solin was born into a family with a holographic component trait which scans objects and displays information. Solin enjoyed watching films based on adventure and discovery as a child, which inspired his passion for learning and consequently improved his holography ability over time.

Solin’s life revolves around research with a particular interest in geography. From foliage to building structures, he frequently scans new objects for information.

At 26 years old, Solin worked as a tour guide at The Palsus Science Museum. Whilst he enjoyed teaching others about the foundations of the world, he felt a drive for exploration to gain more information. At age 30, Solin applied to many environmental roles and received an offer to work as a geologist.

Solin’s role as a geologist has provided him with great fulfilment, where he visits various locations to examine new environments. Solin is currently on a routine expedition learning about ancient terraforming materials.

Thank you everyone for checking out Solin’s artwork and backstory! You can buy the full digitally painted NFT from my official my collection now: HTTPS://OPENSEA.IO/COLLECTION/THE-REFALIGHT-JOURNEY

Feel free to follow the journey on my social media platforms:

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