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New Drop coming soon…

My first blender Project is coming to an end

Two weeks of learning and improving on a completely new field but I really liked it. Hope you appreciate the effort.

I’m in the final stage now and I’m really happy with the result

The last steps now, are to optimize the File for faster loading times and to find the perfect spot for the underlaying song (Seaside Dawn – OnceIWasLoved) and bake it together.

Hope you like my process and the new style of Art i’m trying to build.

There will be two versions to please every wallet.

One for the Ethereum hustlers on Rarible and OpenSea – Full length video with audio and the option to unlock the FullRes File and audio.

The other one is for the HEN lovers – There you can find the song with a animated cover GIF. 

See you guys when it drops

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