8 Martin Van Buren

Namekian PresideNFTs

PresideNFTs of Namek is a collection of all US Presidenfts in history. Every 4years (in Crypto time) there will be a new one elected/minted. #nft#dbz#anime 

#8 Marteen van BureNFT

8 This one is originally from the Netherlands of Namek. He is a founder of the blue Party and was a lawyer and a statesman. He was the 8th Vice and 8th PresideNFT of the USN. Prior he was the 9th governor of NFT York. He is the only namekian to have spoken namekian as his second Language.

Already sold to siinamota.

44/46 left. Grab one as long as its hot and stay tuned for the next drops (1 – 7).

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