My first Collection"MAD CAT"


I was inspired by my cats.
The technique used is to draw a line, overlapping one another.
The story tells about the everyday life of a cat from my perspective.

                                                                     Alifeen(left),  Alisia(right)

i will take you guys through the process of how i draw

i will drop item everyday 

Hope you guys like it.

mad cat01 >> They love each other for only 5 minutes.

mad cat02 >> This taste is not for everyone.

mad cat03 >> play the cat tunnel

mad cat04 >> Why am i dizzy?

mad cat05 >> is it cat?

mad cat06 >> smell so good

mad cat07 >> Casual look

mad cat08 >> let’s eat

mad cat09 >> first meet

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my mad cats 01-09 Dimention : 2500×2374 px

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