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My dark universe

A collection of original black and white drawings in black and white, expressing in a chaotic way the symptoms of my autoimmune disease. This is a distorted vision of my disease, drawing inspiration from Lovecratian universe.

Before I can fully cope with my illness, I started to draw in an abstract way the different phases experienced, my personal way to evacuate the pain. The first nine drawings tell in their description a romanticized and imaginary version of the moments when the sickness took over. The collection also includes eight drawings made in a small notebook during travels or parties. Large format:
 – The 9 original scans of the drawings made in a large format notebook with a black marker ranging from 0.01 to 0.8. Also included their edited version made with Corel Painter 2021.

Mini notebook:
– Original scans of the 8 drawings of the travel mini notebook. Also included their edited version made with Corel Painter 2021.

The process of making this collection being complete, I will add the remaining drawings after a few ones are sold.
This collection will include a total of 37 drawings + 5 unpublished, for a total of 42 drawings.

The originals can be sent (for the first buyer), except for the mini booklet, because being in a booklet with other drawings on the back I can not conveniently separate them.

So this is my first collection on foundation, the second one, Postcards from a Sleeping God’s Dreams will consist of animated 3D dioramas with music and sound design from @The_Aerosteak. The third one being more drawings with manga & acidpunk inspiration…

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Postcards from a sleeping god's dreams

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