My 1st Collection on BSC

Gday Folks,

Little while back I was asking on twitter why people were still happy to be paying 100’s of dollars in gas when polygon gas was being shunned. The answers were basically that the poly chain wouldnt last, but mainly loyalty to the ETH.

Yesterday I see they all got over that, as the poly chain was so busy, Opensea actually had warnings up lol. Sent their support team a ticket which told me it might be a week before they got back to me.

So I came here to NFTagg. I had been thinking of trying a mint here, but you know, the lazy minting and the thing of getting outside of the comfort zone etc…well the polygon chain issues edged me into it. AND I LOVE IT!!!

So now I am minting a small collection with a funny story (repeat the charcter names until you get them) as my 1st collection on the BSC. Check it out, throw me a little feedback if you like 🙂

You can see #1 here, only 2 minted of the 11 so far…hope you enjoy the read as well as the art!

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