Mustache Universe

Our collections of 10K Mustache Skulls and 10K Mustache Aliens and a large mustache universe, including a 10-person command team, are waiting for you. The whisker universe will host a war. The Mustache Skulls prepare to welcome the Mustache Aliens who are attacking them. The purpose of the project is to create a platform where everyone who owns these NFTs can continue their earnings. They will enter this platform to be created with their nft, and the first three people will win a cash prize every week in the games on the platform. The source of the monetary rewards will be the Helium Network, which will be established with the sale of NFTs. Each week, the HNT coins that will accumulate in a pool will be shared among the top three winners. So everyone will continue to win. After all NFTs are sold, the amount of prize money will increase considerably.You can visit our website for more detailed information.

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Generative Artwork #13

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Where we going too