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MR-I-INVNT is my latest drop on Foundation. This digital painting is an MRI of my brain. 

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All sorts of stuff goes on in my brain when I create.  I overthink, I overanalyse and I obsess over the tiniest of details. 

This is an MRI of my brain. It‘s the coolest MRI you could possibly ever own. The MRI of an artist. But not just any artist. MY MRI.

The painting took over 26 hours to draw, not including my creative process…which, as you can tell from my MRI, is a whole other matter 🤯

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The purchaser of ‘MR-I-INVNT’ will receive a high resolution version (3508px by 2480px, 300 dpi).

MR-I-INVNT’ is now up for grabs on Foundation, don’t overthink it, get your bids in before it’s too late ⏱

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for updates on my next drops. 

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