So let me tell you something about the Moth-Pit.

There once was a Moth sitting in his house all by himself, wondering how long the global crisis could last. After one year of social seperation and becoming almost insane, because of this situation, the Moth could not stand it anymore and started to reach out to his friends. He wanted so see all of them, hug them, talk to them and dance with them. So he invited every one of them to his big rave. Everyone could bring their own music so no one gets bored, and that’s what they did. First the Greedy Mantis showed up bringing some banger Industrial Techno with him. The next two visitors arrived almost at the same time. The first one to be seen on the front poarch was Dippy Cat. Right behind her was the Hungry Roach. They were all so happy to see each other again that they decided to stay, because no one could stand the thought of being saperated for another time.
And soon there should be more visitors to come to the Moth-Pit…

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Eye Arming

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