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Moose Mafia

We are a collection of 8888 unique and randomly generated NFT’s with over 100+ potential traits. These Moose are not the ordinary friendly ones you may think roam the North. While some are friendlier than others, most of these Moose make sure that the debts owed to them are paid in full. In the Mafia, family comes first, and the only people to be trusted are your own. Be careful who you rely upon and choose your team wisely. While you work your way up the ranks, you will be able to gain more responsibility, however, do not forget what comes with that. Power is what we all strive for, and the Moose Mafia is the place to be if you want to leave your mark on this physical and digital world. 

More of the Moose Mafia world will be unveiled as we progress. But just know, be careful who you trust, who you side with, and especially who you cross.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheMooseMafia

Discord: http://discord.gg/pTvWnKdQtK

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