Moonmons says hello!

Moonmons were living on a planet called E89, which was far away from earth. They were a technically advanced nation, living happily. One day, their planet got attacked by aliens. Many Moonmons died, but most of them escaped. Remaining Moonmons decided to get help from a friendly planet outside their solar system to get their planet back. For this mission, a team of different Moonmons assembled together.

They cruised through the Space with their spaceship for a long time, searching for friends who can help them. After a long time, they came across a tiny blue colour planet with life and decided to ask for help from them. The planet they asked for help was Earth!

They believe that we can help them. And they are ready to be our friends!

By being their friends, not only them, you can also be benefited. You can hang out with them, learn their technology and even go to parties together. You may also get amazing rewards. The more you help them, the more they reveal about their secrets and their magical pets.

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