Monkey Kids V3 8 Opensea

MonkeyKidsJP V3 Collection #99 Limited Supply

Preview of the upcoming release of MonkeyKidsJP V3 Collection #99 Limited Supply

We currently have a collection: that we have been communicating was created so that anyone who purchases 3 different NFTs from this collection will receive 1 MonkeyKidsJP V3 NFT.

To be transparent in the process, anyone who purchases all 3 NFTs will receive 1 NFT MonkeyKidsJP V3 and will be asked to burn the 3 NFTs from the current collection.

This will allow this collection to be largely discarded and have no future use. We also clarify that the values of the MonkeyKidsJP V3 NFTs will be greater than the 3 currently acquired NFTs combined.

Additional information is that the 99 NFT Supply Limited NFTs that will be delivered for the exchange of the 3 NFTs will have a higher value than the rest of the collection for trust in the project and in the future will have exclusive benefits.  

The new website and roadmap will be ready shortly.

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