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Mibesto803's Impostors on OpenSea

The idea for the Impostors Collection came from one of the artist’s contributions to the Artvatars project – an Artvatar wearing a pair of “Impostor” brand glasses. The glasses were a point of interest in the Artvatars community as some collectors wondered if they had actually purchased a real Artvatar, or if, perhaps, they were holding an “impostor.”  They were real Artvatars, wearing Mibesto803’s Impostor glasses.

Why Impostors? – Many of us feel that we are not free to be our genuine selves, or feel that if we take off our social “masks,” we will be rejected for who we really are. Becoming a member of the Impostors community does not mean that we have low self esteem or that we live in fear. It simply means that we will keep the Impostor in our wallet, and live our lives authentically. The Impostor will be a mask we proudly own, while we unequivocally proclaim “The Impostor is NOT me.”

To read more about the Impostors, go to or check out the collection and get yours at

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