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Megamagma – Magma Kaiju

Megamagma packs are drop #4 in Series 2 of our NFT Collection Kaiju of the Week dropping on March 19 at 2pm PST for $2 in WAX

Kaiju of the Week is a NFTs project on WAX which features a new Kaiju trading card every week. I make OC monsters to create my own Monsterverse in NFT form.

In the near-future big, strange monsters (Kaiju) emerge from the earth’s crust to claim dominion over the world of man. Collect the digital cards of these Kaiju as they appear week to week to terrorize our world! Made by artist Stuhammer.

Collect the nfts of these new Kaiju as they appear week to week in their own specialized packs.
Series 2 Kaiju Pack will come with Variants (of equal rarity) of the featured Kaiju!

Follow the project to catch the drops and more info

A molten rock monster that vomits magma and throws it to eviscerate its foes.
This monster has 8 variants in this pack!

Buy Here! / Check out the other Kaiju in our Collection Here!

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