Soviet Egg

Matryoshka Fancy Egg

When I was 15 I got the chance to go to Moscow months before communism fell. Life behind the Iron Curtain was very different than it was growing up on the Westside of Los Angeles. There were long lines for just about everything, and what people craved most were American cigarettes and blue jeans. Well, that’s almost true. What people craved above all were opportunities. That’s what everyone craves, isn’t it? The chance to make something of yourself; to turn experience and talent into something tangible. 

It feels like that’s where we are now, with NFTs–at an inflection point, or the beginning of a paradigm shift with regard to how talent and hard work is monetized.  

When I was in the Soviet Union, I remember trading cigarettes for a couple matryoshka nesting dolls. I still have one of them. They remind me that we all have multitudes inside us. We’re not one person, but lots of people sharing one face. I wanted to pay homage to that, and to the memories of my youth with this latest NFT in the Fancy Egg collection.

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