presale launch

Martian Misfits Pre-Sale is now live!

The story about this project:

“We’ve all felt out of place at one time or another. That’s what these works of art represent. Feeling wrong somewhere, in a society or in a job. Ever felt misfitted? Express your uniqueness with these non-fungible art pieces. Martian Misfit’s is an exclusive collection of 5.555 uniquely created NFT collectibles of the notorious Martian population, also known as the party kings of the universe. We all know that we are somehow special and sometimes misfitted. The Martians too. Algorithmically generated from over 200 unique hand drawn assets. Coming with all kind of accessoires, clothing, eyes, hairstyles and alot more.”


555 NFTs now available to mint for 0.055ETH each – including life-changing giveaways!

Here’s why @martian_misfits is different from the rest and you want to be a part of this NEW project!

The Martian Misfits is a collection of 5.555 unique art pieces that are living on the Ethereum Blockchain Society.

Strong engaged community that act like family  

Passionate dev team that is there for the long haul

Roadmap that includes huge ETH giveaways, collectible figures and charity events!  

They fight for whats right: 10% of the whole sales will be donated to Animal and Wildlife Organizations

For the misfit inside us all!


👑Join the HUGE giveaway 👑

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