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Martha's Pool : The Water Is Fine, If You Can Afford It

One day, I was on social media scrolling like anyone would. Then, Martha Stewart posted a selfie of herself in the pool. She was at her estate, it’s safe to say it was hot that day. I remember it over 50,000 likes and a shit ton of comments. One of the points that stood out the most was this was on a Thursday. The amount of thirst from people’s opinion was astonishing. She was basking in her success; as well as from the sweaty apposing thumbs of social media users. This moment was at the start of when the world was on lockdown. I referenced the moment as one of the greatest thirst trap’s that broke the internet. To me, this was a “Marlin Monroe moment for me. This was also a moment for me to take my view of art, from the physical to the virtual space.

I presented my graphic-editorial photographic view at “We Are The Future” Art Show in Atlanta, Georgia. This was my first art show in 10+ years. The last time was my sophomore year in high school (2006). I am an introvert. This got me outside. I felt confident and proud of my vision for the world to see. I felt free. It was awesome. Especially I brought one of the baddest bitches in the room. What an experience. Most importantly, it was the love and support I received from my personal circle who helped through my depression. I still have my battles; the war isn’t over.

Thank you for being my centerfold while I chiseled through my imprisonment, and swam through miles of self doubt. You helped me with my transition of who I am, and what I’m capable of. Even though, this is still practice.

Used Photoshop and Lightroom. Multi “Stitching” Frames. No filters are used.

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