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Manimals – The Post Biocalyptic Hbrids

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Bizartree is happy to announce it’s first maiden NFT series:”Manimals – Post Biocalyptic Breeds”Be a part of the series and raise your instincts.Our Social C…

Bizartree recently released  it’s first NFT series — “MANIMALS”

The idea of Manimals is conceived from a Post Biocalyptic world in near future. Somewhere down the line, the world is all swallowed up following the greatest BIO WAR. The Earth is reeling for its existence. To add to the agony of Humans, even mother Earth decided for the final revenge and reclaim its lost treasures. The world is bleak and hope is sparse. A fear dominated society with merely left Humans is looking for survival.

The calamitous Bio War was designed in such a way that it only infected HUMANS by either killing them or transforming them in an out of form MUTATED beings that are dangerous, wild, mindless predators. Animals and Plants were immune to the Virus.

The Leftover Humans built The Quarantine Cities, that are super secured egg like mega domes that has all the advanced technology and resources except (FOOD) vegetation and meat. So they have to depend on the outer infected world for the same as the virus was neutral to plants and animals.

As animals were IMMUNE to the virus, Dr Crugle (HUMAN) experimented on herself and created a new controlled Mutated Civilized breed of MANIMALS (CAT-A ). The successful experiment made her create a world of Manimals outside the Q-CITIES along with CAT-Z Manimals that mostly lives hiding in deep forests or undergrounds deep oceans.

Now Dr Crugle takes care of the entire FOOD resources for HUMANS and in returns gets resources like electricity, weapons, vehicles and other modern resources from them. Human’s travels in bubble shaped crafts in the outer world world of the city.

After the Bio War Ended:

  • 80% of the humanity was wiped out.
  • 1% of the elites went to colonize on some other habitable planet.
  • 9% mutated to Manimals.
  • 10% of the Humans settled in the Controlled Quarantine Cities.

There is an arrangement between the Manimal World and The Humans in the Quarantine City for peaceful exchange of resources. The Manimal World is controlled by Council of 5 Manimals headed by Dr Crugle

In order to survive in the almost drowned world, Humans had to undergo controlled mutation with some animal instincts for their existence & survival since Emergency Quarantine City was not accessible to all. It has been a well known fact that Animals survive better than humans and every human posses an instinct of some animals. The Grim world of future left the humans with no other option than to choose their instincts and mutate for the final survival with the help of Dr Crugle.

Manimals is an introduction, rather a belief of the artist depicting the story of mutations that may have happened for the sake of survival. The series will also involve the hunt for the key to galaxy gate needed for teleportation and the passes for the Q-cities.

Collect Surreal Artworks from the Manimal world and ride the journey. As the Story unfolds a new experience is waiting to welcome you. Enjoy the Manimals Series by collecting, Trading and Crafting the Missing Elements.

Read an elaborated details about the chapters at our website by clicking here.

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