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Inspiration Box music c

Songs and musical compositions, creating and selling records

Inspiration Box digital art c

Any artistic work or practice that uses digital technology

Inspiration Box physical art c

Refers to art that entirely exists in physical reality, in space and time

Inspiration Box gaming c

Encompasses the development, marketing, and monetization

Inspiration Box sport c

People, activities, business, and organizations for sport

Inspiration Box real estate c

Property consisting of land and the buildings on it

Inspiration Box real collectible c

Stamps, cars and new and old favourites from us

Tshirts, trousers, jackets and hats digitally and physically

Inspiration Box regulations c

Debates from the government for which new regulations are made

Inspiration Box media c

Different Media Formats from short to long version

Inspiration Box car c

Cars around the world with their specials in and out

Inspiration Box consumer goods2 c

Items that satisfy human wants and provide utility

Inspiration Box food2 c

Most of the food consumed by the world’s population

Inspiration Box energie c

Production and sale of energy, including fuel extraction…

Inspiration Box pharmaceutics c

New chemical entity or old drugs into a medication

Inspiration Box web3projects c

Blockchain and NFT technical oriented companies

Inspiration Box insuranc c

Protection from financial loss in exchange for a fee

Inspiration Box marketing c

The process of exploring, creating, and delivering value

Inspiration Box fintech c

Fintech, a portmanteau of “financial technology”

Inspiration Box electronics c

The field of electronics is a branch of physics

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Use cases that are possible with NFT and give you inspiration to enter NFT.


Use cases that are possible with NFT and give you inspiration to enter NFT.


Interesting facts about the NFT market and what special facts there are.


General explanation of terms related to NFTs and the NFT market.


Understand NFTchoice and what benefit is given to you and the NFT market.