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Mad Plants

Hi! Iā€™m  bringer

I am going to present about character,inspired by plants and would like to plant in future.

you can see that some of the images are similar to the previous collection.

plants like different climates, right? If you collect 2 pieces, you can add 1 background to the one.


                                                                            more details

At first, I thought named them. But their original namea are cool.

mad plants01 >> Lily of the valley

mad plants02 >> red oak lettuce

mad plants03 >> water hyacinth (in19AUG 11.00pm UTC+07)

mad plants04 >> ???


work in process

mp01 mp02 mp03 mp04

you can look ths short process at #madbringerr

or fullscreen pic in this link mad plants collection

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