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Mad dessert

Hi! I’m  bringer

today i would like to present about character,inspired by dessert.

they are sodiers of madness world.

you can see that some of the images are similar to the previous collection.

 If you collect 2 pieces, you can add 1 background to the one.

                                                                            more details

desertpromo 1

mad dessert01 >> candy cane survey sodiers! connected story w/ mad cats 09

mad dessert02 >> biscuit sodiers! Let’s find suppliers connected story w/ madcats08

mad dessert03 >> cookie sodiers! They love cat! connected story w/ mad cats02

mad dessert04 >> birthday cake sodiers! he just want something to feel like the old him. 

                              connected story w/ mad cats04

mad dessert05 >> alua sodiers! three deserters. connected story w/ madcats01

mad dessert06 >> donut sodiers! he’s trying to seduce them. connected story w/ mad cats05

mad dessert07 >> mad dessert07:Pop sodiers! They lost. connected story w/ madcats07

mad dessert08 >> Honey toast Archer! Love is sweets. connected story w/ madcats03

mad dessert09 >> mad dessert09:Ice Cream Police! Where did they go? connected story w/ madcats06


work in process

tgytjktykyu tgytjktykyu2

you can look ths short process at #madbringerr

or fullscreen pic in this link mad dessert collection


 Phase 1 is over Will be back again on 2 OCT.All collection even more crazy! SEE YOU.

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