Lunar Memories


First post here on NFT Aggregator. Hoping to share my NFT work with more artists and collectors.

Starting with Lunar Memories, a 3D render composite that I’ve minted on Rarible along with 16 other NFTs which are looking for a new collector πŸ™‚ 

All of my NFTs on Rarible are limited to one minted edition only. If you enjoy the work, please share and connect!

Title: Lunar Memories

Available on: Rarible

Current price: 0.25 ETH

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K. Scott Piel

It’s mine! It’s *all* mine! Mwuhaha!


K. Scott Piel

This is on my shopping list next time I sell one of my own NFTs. I *love* the symbolism in it. Very clever. Well done!

NFT MJG PinkNoise Twitter

Pink Noise

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