Rifle .22 John

Lost at Sea

Its been a long while since our ordeal out on land and sea. The weather was perfect as we entered into the spring season. Snow and ice still out and about. We decided to go seal hunting as it was now warmed up to manageable temperatures. My brother and I get our gear together, food and gas. Our snowmobile is in very good working condition and soon we are off. It takes us between 4-5 hours to reach our outbound cabin and rest a while and head out in search of seals. Halfway through the day I manage to get a seal and pack it up in heavy plastic bags. Now its towards late afternoon and notice a heavy grey in the horizon in the distance. I decided its time to head back before the snow flies. We are on our way back after packing once again our belongings and a bag of seal meat. Its now halfway back to our cabin; however, its now heavily snowing. The snowfall is now so heavy it covers up our dependable trail back. Pretty soon I begin to notice everything is near whiteout now and continue our supposedly same direction back home to our cabin. Now toward dawn its still heavy snow and soon I realize we lost our trail back. (to be continued).

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