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Age- 38

Occupation- Community development volunteer

Hobbies and Interests- Volunteering and travelling

Motivations- Inspiring others and bringing more equality to society

Logus is very sentimental and feels a deep emotional connection to others, especially his loved ones.

Logus has a very close relationship with his parents, where he embraced their values of generosity and humility from a young age. He also greatly enjoyed watching shows and films involving protagonists facing impossible stakes, which further inspired his altruistic mentality.

Growing up, Logus appreciated the various backgrounds of those throughout his neighbourhood and felt strongly about helping others with their struggles.

Logus believed that he could offer value as a therapist and started his own practice at the age of 20. Whilst his experience felt rewarding, Logus’ worldview broadened over time and he realised that his reach was limited to those in his locality. At the age of 30, Logus believed that he fulfilled his therapeutic duties and decided to volunteer in other countries to assist communities who needed more help.

Logus is now 38 and is continuing to volunteer around the world. He is about to return home from the country of Draltup, where he has been assisting a low-income neighbourhood with day-to-day chores for just over a year.

Logus is the last main character to be introduced to The RefaLight Journey! Thank you everyone for checking out his artwork and backstory! You can buy the full digitally painted NFT from my official my collection now: HTTPS://OPENSEA.IO/COLLECTION/THE-REFALIGHT-JOURNEY

Feel free to follow the journey on my social media platforms: HTTPS://LINKTR.EE/REFALIGHT


You can also check out the official project DISCORD SERVER.

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