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King Armooth

King web

This is the story of King Armooth, one Moosehead from our 10k generatred Moosehead NFTs. Fine out more at:

“Don’t look at me like that!,” King Armooth, the greatest landowner of northern plains said with a glance at your awe.  The king was rarely seen and known to be an avid advocate of promoting intellectual and ethical discussions. “Don’t you dare to equalize me with one of those nasty rich people of yours!” The great king was carefully examining the Union building. “Have you seen me digging a useless vault in the middle of mountains or spend ludicrous amounts to fabricate that I am an astronaut?! Not to mention those pointless cryonics fanatics.” The king tutted and pointed at the building. “I simply spend it to create opportunities for a better world. This building will be our gathering spot and I must ensure everyone’s need is provided for.” As you watched the king walking away, you start to wander how much money is needed to keep everyone satisfied.

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Joy. (Revival of an image in art)


In search of the concept series | 2006