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Killer Cat Bengal Club

Killer Cat Bengal Club is a stylish art collection of 10k unique and dapper cats with varying traits, that live eternally with an IPFS, on the Polygon network. Each KCBC represents the real Bengal cat breed, which was created by breeding a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard Cat, having those ancestral killer instincts and known for their stunning leopard markings. Each Killer Cat Bengal is made from over 250 hand drawn layers and then randomly generated to create each unique Bengal cat with assigned rarity traits. Each one can be endowed with 4-9 traits and is unique, adorable, mischievous and can get themselves into all kind of trouble. Every single Bengal does however, make it up to you by bringing you a little gift.. usually something they’ve hunted or on a rare occasion.. something even more special. 

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Source a black Nigeria woman

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