Kids of Kinshasa

Every kid in this world is identical to each other. Where ever you go, one kid’s smile is same as the other’s. Sorrow is same as well. I love to capture moments of children as they just be themselves. They are the only ones truly dedicated to and depended on Fun. Sometimes they don’t want to play. We become ONE no matter what the circumstances are… For a moment.

I have intimately attached to these kids when I was shooting my documentary about the success story of the band called “Staff Benda Bilili” meaning ‘Look Beyond Appearances’, whose members suffered Infantry Paralysis – Polio. No matter what the circumstances are, they kept walking and walking, finally they had their dreams come true. I would encourage you to watch the heart warming 7 minute documentary of Staff Benda Bilili. Your dreams will come true 🙂

The place where I shot the photographs was around Staff Benda Bilili Club House.

Kinshasa, Congo, Africa. Art Without Limits Gold Winner: https://vimeo.com/127981942

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