Jupiter 5/8 Planet Our Solar System

Shakespeare’s Ophelia painted with pure energy.
It is an Exclusive Collection of eight NFTs.
Artist uses her 3D Art to create the perfect cosmic space for her female character. Her series “Cosmic Ophelia” integrates the beauty of nature the vastness of the cosmos with a mysterious femininity that wraps it.
A woman as the epitome of 8 Planets in Our Solar System.
1 Mercury
2 Venus
3 Earth
4 Mars
5 Jupiter*
6 Saturn
7 Uranus
8 Neptune

Far-off galaxies are firing rare high-energy cosmic rays at us. The word “Cosmic” is generally used about the universe. To wield the Power Cosmic is to be in touch with every other living thing at once. It is to recognize that we aren’t alone in the Universe -we alone are the Universe. We are the cosmos coming to know itself, to love itself and when you witness that for even the briefest of moments you will see there is nothing more beautiful.

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