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I've been busy

I have been very pre-occupied with a new NFT project. I wanted to challenge myself to step away from my normally “comic bookish” art style that uses lots of bold colors and rendered effects. My self challenge was to use a monochromatic color palette (I chose black and white only), I could use blurs, and change opacity if I found it helped make my design clearer, and it would be based off of shapes and images that I desaturated and made into custom shapes in Photoshop. I am still sticking with elements of my pop-art style.
I also wanted more meaning behind my work, meaning that dealt with life, our reality, and reaching beyond what we know and experience. I don’t have a title for it yet but have finished a few. Some of the pieces are visually literal in their design, others are more non-representational. Please check out my work in progress. This piece is called “Fluidity of Thought”.

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Generative Artwork #15


Bees Collection to come soon!