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Introducing Poly Dolphins – A Pixel Art NFT Collection

What are Poly Dolphins?

 Poly Dolphin NFT’s were designed to help fill the vast OpenSea collection with some fun-loving dolphins to brighten up everyone’s day. These totally hand-drawn (with my mouse) pixel art images are all animated in some way and only one of each is ever minted. New releases within the Poly Dolphins NFT collection happens all the time so keep an eye out or email me anytime.

Capture poly dolphins

Dolphin pixel art. From blank canvas to NFT.

Each pixel art design I make comes from a blank canvas and with each pixel of color, I create each one of the images you see in the Poly Dolphin NFT collection. No two are alike, and only one of each has been minted.

26 making of strips3

My preferred way to draw is It’s fun, easy and there is no fuss, just open the tab and start creating.

Deployed on the Polygon Blockchain

I decided to mint this collection on the Polygon Blockchain because I like Polygon and the direction it’s going. It seemed like a good fit for this project. It also saves on fees!

Unlockable content


Included with each Poly Dolphin NFT are multiple extra sizes to use for almost any need. Each one is different depending on how large I needed to make my canvas so check the OpenSea description to see what it comes with.


You can collect and view the entire Poly Dolphins collection only on!

                                                     Click the button below and check them out!

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Release Date OFFICIAL!!! 10/2/21

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