Intro of All of gods

The existence of human beings There are both creative things and cause a lot of damage to the world.

When the world is gradually destroyed causing the world to awaken various gods to eliminate humans to bring the world back into balance again. The first god to awaken was Ifrit The god of fire, who came out to burn humanity but eliminating humans was not that easy.

When the gods on the other side, who are born from thoughts and human faith.Still see the goodness of human beings has come out to protect and resist the gods that the world has created.

The first person who came out against the god of fire was Tudyrian the king of fruit. Although Tudyrian was not powerful enough to fight Ifrit, but with his intelligence.

Makes it able to withstand the attacks of the God of Fire. So mankind had hope again. But in order to fight Ifrit, Tudyrian sent soldiers to search for other gods.

Chapter 1 Finding the Gods.
After searching for the gods for a long time The Tudyrian soldiers eventually met an ancient god who had the blood of Titan, A god who is like a pillar supporting the sky and the ground.
This deity was called Atlas. After some discussions were reached, Atlas agreed to join the fight as well. Humans have hope again and continue to search for other gods.

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