CP Danceof the blackholes

Into Space [Dance Of The Blackholes]

A collection of artistic depictions of entities in outer space.

Existing, theoretic, imaginary, or known but (so far) unseen bodies, and entities of our or other universes, or even multiverses – or at least my vision of these 🙂

The first series of 4 images belongs to the sub category “Dance of the blackholes”
showcasing their event horizon, or violent pulsar exhaust of radiation.

Featuring 3 of the biggest blackholes so far known to humankind or at least theorized. And in addition the blackhole to be thought in the center of our own galaxy.

Now on opensea.io
I have decided to place them on opensea as they are so different from my work on harmony one platforms. And i wanted to give these special collectibles an own home 🙂

01082015 6

The black hole at the center of the Milky Way. The object’s mass can be estimated as 4.1 million M☉,[78][79] or about 8.2×1036 kg. It might be the creator of our galaxy – or the deciding factor of its inevitable end.

01082015 7

Brightest cluster galaxy of Abell 3558 in the center of the Shapley Supercluster; estimated using spheroidal luminosity profile of the host galaxy. Its Solar mass is 7.76×1010[7][8].

01082015 8

TON618 is a hyperluminous, broad-absorption-line, radio-loud quasar located near the border of the constellations Canes Venatici and Coma Berenices, with the projected comoving distance of appr. 18.2 billion light-years from Earth. It possesses one of the most massive black holes ever found, with a mass of 66 billion M☉.

01082015 9

A 2010 paper suggested that a funnel collimates the radiation around the jet axis, creating an optical illusion of very high brightness, and thus a possible overestimation of Holmberg regarding the actual mass of the blackhole.

Hope you enjoy watching them just as much as i did making these 🙂 <3

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