Intersection PHIKO 1989 frame 01 delay 0.2s 1

Intersection PHIKO 1989 frame_01_delay-0.2s

Creativity reborn

From 1988-1990, Uki received an artistic education at the art school PHIKO, Hasselt (Belgium). After this Uki went in a completely different direction until he decided to be artistically active again at the beginning of 2022. Fully along with the development of the new technology, the blockchain, Uki decided to give his PHIKO work a new life through UKi PopNFT.

Strong logo

By creating its own crypto token in an earlier adventure, UKi developed a logo. This turned out to be a solid and strong design. As a result, his collection also has a wide range of his logo in different styles. Inspired by Pop Art, bright colors and …

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